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Welcome to the Audi Club Lone Star (ACLS) Chapter Website!

The Lone Star Chapter of ACNA is large enough to cover the entire state of Texas, but small enough to let you feel at home quickly. Since Texas is a pretty big place, we bring everyone together online via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a very active forum that includes sub-forums covering various regions of the state so you can quickly find events that are relevant to where you live or travel. So, stop by and enjoy some Texas hospitality, ya hear?

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January 2018


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Raffle 2017

ACLS Announces Board of Directors and Goals for 2018

2018 Management Team

We are pleased to announce the members of the Audi Club Lone Star Board of Directors for 2018:

President - Stephen Clark - Houston

Vice President - Josh Flynt - Austin

Secretary – Anita Tavakley - Austin

Treasurer - Barrett Lanier - Houston

Events Director - Angelo Santiago - Rio Grande Valley

In addition, we have an Emeritus Advisory Board composed of past members of the Board of Directors who have volunteered their time and expertise to complement the management team:

Aaron Plante - Austin

Eric Howieson - Ft. Worth

Benson Ray - Atlanta

Matthew Welch - Dallas

Darrin Rich - Dallas

See more information about the members of our management team HERE


ACLS 2018 Goals Summary

We have very exciting plans for our chapter in 2018! We believe that chapter activities should reflect the desires of our members.

Our regularly scheduled social events will continue to be listed on our website, published in our monthly newsletter, and available on the ACNA website and the ACNA mobile app. 

We will have more driving events in 2018, including dealer-sponsored fun runs, track days, and driver education events.

We will continue to participate with other car clubs such as Porsche Club of America, Mercedes Benz Car Club, and BMW Car Club of America in order to bring you a wide variety of activities, including charitable events, such as disaster relief fund-raisers.

We are in the planning stages of our 2018 State Meet which will be in San Antonio next year, so please stay tuned for further details in the near future.

We will continue to work with Audi dealers across the state, with Audi of America, and with Audi Sport, to bring you unique, exciting, and memorable events.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions, we would like to hear from you! You can email your board members at for more information.

There is a member survey open to all active ACLS members, where you can let us know your preferences for activities next year. You can find the survey HERE

We guarantee you that your voice will be heard. We want to bring you the best Audi Experience possible! We all have a common objective - HAVE FUN!

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